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Weeks Ten to Thirteen

Wowzers, I can’t believe how fast that last month has whizzed by.  Apologies if I have left any of you hanging out for the next instalment of my blog…but I’ve barely had time to scratch myself, let alone attempt to write anything.  For your reading pleasure, here is the last four weeks condensed into one final post.
My trip out of Nelson did not terminate in the capital.  Luckily the weather after my arrival settled down and I had a pleasant couple of days hanging out in my caravan.  I also got to test the sauna (to make sure it still worked) before the planned re-opening once the country moved into Lockdown Level 1.  Thankfully it did and it was blissfully hot.
I did spend Queens Birthday Weekend on the Kapiti Coast with Stephanie, a girlfriend I met in India, who was originally from Lower Hutt.  At that time she had been living and working there for about a decade.  She divided her time between Pushkar, a tourist hotspot in Rajasthan; where her husband and famil…

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